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About Us

We run with just two installation teams with one headed by me, Jim Turnbull, and the other headed by my son, Daniel Turnbull, so you are assured of receiving the highest level of commitment and quality due to our unparalleled experience and skill set and not least of all because it is our name above the door.

Jim Turnbull

Jim Turnbull – Director

Chasing down 30 years of experience, designing and installing truly inspirational kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, Jim is one of the industry’s most experienced people. Still installing and heading one of our two teams and very proud to be working alongside his son Daniel, he strives every day to improve on yesterday, he is driven and committed to surpassing every client’s expectations and helping to make their experience as stress free as possible.

He is often heard saying… “every day’s a school day”

Magda Lukawska

Magda Lukawska – Senior Designer

Is an exceptionally talented designer. She has a wealth of experience in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and interior space design. She achieved a Masters Degree in Interior & Architectural Design and gained her former experience at a very well respected Design Studio in Gdansk, Poland, as well as undertaking a number of high end private commissions. She is absolutely committed to the pursuit of perfection and will be more than happy to assist in any aspect of your interior design.

She is often heard saying… “it just has to be perfect”

Daniel Turnbull

Daniel Turnbull – Installation Manager

Has been installing bathrooms, kitchens and bedroom for 7 years, initially with the guidance of his father, Jim and now heads up our other team. He is as committed, capable and passionate about the quality of workmanship as his father. He’s a great team leader and relishes the challenges this industry brings. He is also very proud to represent the second generation of the family business.

He is often heard saying… “measure twice, cut once”

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